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His Grace Emeritus James Odongo
The Lord has visited us again this morning with the sad news. His Grace James Odongo, the Archbishop Emeritus of Tororo has passed
Diaconate Ordination 2019
Newly Ordained deacon Receives the book of the Gospels
Newly Ordained Deacons and Priests 2019
Newly Ordained Pose for a picture after offer their fresh Blessings to the Congregation
Ordination July 2019
Archbishop Emmanuel (Left) and Emeritus Archbishop Denis (Right) lay hands over the deacons
Ordination of 2 Men to the Priesthood and 4 to the Diaconate
These Men lay prostrate in the Sanctuary during Ordination Liturgy this Year July 13 at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral - Nyangole, Tororo.
Cathedral Outside Altar as used for Diocesan Open-Air Celebrations
Panoramic View of the Cathedral and Outside Altar after an Open-Air Celebration
Cathedral Outside Altar
Panoramic View of the Cathedral and the Outside Altar
Cathedral Church Building
This is the Uganda Martyrs Cathedral located in Nyangole
Uganda Martyrs Cathedral
Front view of the Uganda Martyrs Cathedral, Archdiocese of Tororo
We preach the risen Christ
We share the good news of Christ's resurrection with the faithful in our archdiocese
Ordination July 2019
The newly Ordained Priest receives tools of Work

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