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ARCHBISHOPS Emeriti (Retired Archbishops)



Archbishop Emeritus Denis Lote Kiwanuka  

Archbihop Emeirtus Kiwanuka served as the Second Bishop of Tororo – after Tororo diocese received the status of an Archdiocese.  Lote was born on March 25, 1938 at Pallisa and was ordained to the Priesthood by Bishop James Odongo on the 19th day of December, 1965. After serving the diocese of Tororo in many capacities for several years Fr. Kiwanuka was elected to be the First Bishop of Kotido – located North-East of Tororo -  on June 8, 1991. That same year on the 19th day of August, he was consecrated  Bishop for that diocese.

After several years of pioneering that diocese with his service as Bishop, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him on June 27, 2007 to return to Tororo to serve as the Second Metropolitan Archbishop. Arcbhishop Kiwanuka served Tororo until the 2nd day of January 2014 when Pope Francis accepted his retirement request. 

Archbishop Emeritus Lote has retired in Tororo and can be reached through the address below:

Archbishop’s House

P.O.Box 632,





Archbishop Emeritus James Odongo 

Archbishop Emeritus James Odongo served as the First Metropolitan Archbishop of Tororo       – after Tororo diocese received the status of an Archdiocese.  Odongo was born on March 27, 1931 at Molo, along Tororo-Mbale road.

Odongo was ordained to the Priesthood in Rome on 22nd day of Decemeber, 1956. After serving as priest for a while, Fr. Odongo was elected to serve as Titular Bishop of Baana and Auxiliary Bishop of Tororo on November 25, 1964. The following year, he was consecrated Bishop on February 16, 1965. After three years, he was appointed on August 16, 1968 to serve as the first Native Bishop to his people.

In 1999, when Tororo diocese was raised to the status of an Archdiocese – thus serving as the mother diocese in the Eastern Ecclesiastical Province, he became the First Metropolitan Archbishop.

Archbishop James Odongo’s contribution and service to the growing Church in Tororo and Uganda in general marked him to be a uniquely wise and memorable cleric – who even got the wonderful privilege of participating in the last sessions of Vatican II Ecumenical Council.

Archbishop Odongo faithfully served the Eastern Ecclesiastical Province and in particular the diocese of Tororo until the 27th  day of June 2007 when Pope Benedict XVI accepted his retirement request. 

Archbishop Emeritus Odongo  retired in Tororo until the 4th Day of December 2020, when he passed on.

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