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MINOR SEMINARY - St. Pius X, Nagongera



Motto: Restaurare Omnia in Christo (To restore all things in Christ)

St. Pius X Seminary is a Minor Seminary School  owned and run by the Archdiocese of Tororo to prepare high school boys  for entrance into major seminary and eventual ordination to the Catholic Priesthood. It is a secondary boarding school that allows our enrolled teenage boys who have expressed interest in becoming priests to be trained for that purpose.

As is the case in many parts of Uganda, the Archdiocese of Tororo is filled with many boys who show promising signs of a priestly vocation during their early teenage years. And so, in following the declarative mind of the Council of Trent (Session XXIII)  that young aspirants to the priesthood should be formed in discipline and piety from their earliest years, the Archdiocese of Tororo has consistently lived up to the fact that teenage boys who feel called by God to become priests need an environment in which they can preserve their vocation during the rough years of adolescence.

In the world of Biology, when a seed germinates, the new small plant usually needs to be watered, sheltered and nourished during the early stages of growth. The vocation to the priesthood is like a delicate seed that must be nourished and protected.  St. Pius X seminary is therefore like a Nursery Seedbed open to boys of high school age who have completed their Primary School (Grade School) education and believe they may be called by God to the Priesthood. But even for a boy who does not have a call to the Priesthood, the habits formed during his time in the minor seminary will be of great benefit both to his future and to that of the world.

Many people ask: What is the life like at St. Pius X Seminary? Is it like other Catholic Schools? St. Pius X Seminary is similar to other Catholic boys boarding schools. Students have a strictly organized kind of life, which includes daily PRAYER and celebration of daily MASS, ACADEMICS and RECREATION. The studies cover the usual high (secondary) school courses in Religion, English, Math, Science, Business (Economics), and History, with a special emphasis on LATIN and LITURGY. Physical activity is also important, since SPORTS offers them an excellent means of character formation by its very requirements for teamwork and healthy competition. Obvious to a seminary set-up, regular CONFESSION, SPIRITUAL DIRECTION and SPIRITUAL CONFERENCES hold a prominent position in the routine of the seminary. Cleanliness, personal responsibility, order, self-discipline and striving for excellence give evidence to the distinctiveness of the seminary formation. 

As their motto suggests, the life at St. Pius X Seminary centers a lot more on Jesus Christ and how to learn from him in order to be sent later on in life like the Apostles.




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