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Most Rev. Emmanuel Obbo, A.J., Ph.D.     

The Most Rev. Emmanuel Obbo, A.J serves as the third Metropolitan Archbishop of Tororo – after Tororo diocese receiving the status of an Archdiocese. Obbo was born on October 7, 1952 in Nagoke village under the territory of St. Wilbrod Catholic Parish, Nagongera – Tororo District.                                                                                                                                    

He was ordained Priest of the Congregation of the Apostles of Jesus (abbreviated as A.J) on the 13th day of December 1986 at St. Wilbrod Catholic Parish, Nagongera. Not long after his ordination, Fr. Obbo was sent by his Religious Congregation to study Philosophy at the Pontifical Urban University, Rome obtaining a Licenciate and a Doctorate. Following his return from Urban University, Dr. Obbo served in many capacities including being Pastoral Coordinator of his Congregation as well as Rector at the Philosophicum of Apostles of Jesus in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1993, he was appointed Vicar General of his Religious Congregation where he served until 2003 when again he was named Rector of Apostles of Jesus Minor Seminary, in Nadiket and Vicar General of the Diocese of Moroti.

Having accepted the retirement request of Bishop Erasmas Wandera, Pope Benedict XVI on the 27th day of June 2007 named Fr. Emmanuel Obbo, A.J to serve as the Second Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Soroti. Later that year on October 6, Fr. Obbo A.J was ordained Bishop and installed as the Second Ordinary of Soroti Catholic Diocese.

On 2nd of January 2014 when Pope Francis accepted the request of Archbishop Denis Lote Kiwanuka to retire from Administration of the Archdiocese of Tororo, he named bishop Obbo to become the next of bishop of Tororo, serving as the third Metropolitan Archbishop. The Holy Father also asked Archbishop Obbo to continue serving Soroti Catholic Diocese not as her bishop but as Apostolic Administrator. Bishop Obbo was installed as Archbishop of Tororo on the 1st day of March 2014.

Archbishop resides in Tororo where the seat of the Archdiocese is: He can be reached through the address below:

Archdiocese of Tororo

P.O.Box 632


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