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Socio-Economic Situation

The country has experienced economic upheaval since 1971. This, in combination with the recent series of wars since 1979, has provided a very poor socio-economic environment and reduced cultural stability.

During the same time frame, the population has increased to 16,582,000 (source: Statistics Department, Ministry of Planning and Economic Development). This dramatic increase in population at a time of civil unrest has reduced the quality of life of the individual and has had a devastating effect on the natural environment, including soils, forests, lakes, rivers, and especially unreliable climate. The Archdiocese of Tororo and its people have felt the effect of all of these changes.

According to the United Nations 1982 Report on Uganda's Economic Depression and Degradation of Environment, the agricultural production on small farm holdings has greatly reduced. This reduction has caused a decrease in the caloric and protein supply to the point that most people in the society are malnourished.
This has been caused by a combination of degenerated soils, unreliable rainfall, high population density, and lack of adequate knowledge of foods and nutrition. The lack of nutrition could be somewhat offset by the proper production and use of indigenous food plants, especially vegetables and fruits.

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